Welfare scheme for Inter State and Inter State Migrant Rural Workers

The problem of inter and inter state migrant rural workers are required to be tackled with special care. These workers mainly comprise categories of sugarcane workers, salt workers and to some extent tobacco and agricultural labourers. Looking to the special circumstance and working condition, below mentioned welfare scheme will be implemented through the Board.

. seasonal Balvadi -cum - crench at or near work site, providing nutrious food to the children between age group of 0 - 6 years.
. First aid box scheme at seasonal Balvadis.
. Assistance in opening of fair price ration shop to the maximum limit of Rs. 5000/-.
. To provide water tanks for the purpose of hygienic drinking water, to the maximum limit of Rs. 5000/- per tank.
. To assist in the construction of residential houses and rest sheds to the maximum limit of Rs. 25000/-.
. Non formal education.

All above scheme are to be implemented through responsible voluntary agencies and with the owners who are agreed to share 255 of the scheme as their contribution and take responsibility of maintenance.

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