Shramik suraksha accident group insurance scheme

In cases of accidental death of about 87 lakh unorganized rural and urban labourers in the State of Gujarat, with a new to providing social security cover to members of their families, Shramik Suraksha Accident Group Insurance scheme has been implemented since 1996. Under this scheme, full amount of premium payable is paid to insurance companies by the State Government on behalf of labourers. Under this scheme the following are provided with effect from 2-10-2005 by the department.
. Rs. 1,00,000 is cash of accidental death or permanent disablement.
. In case of partial disablement by accident, insurance cover of Rs. 50,000 is provided.
. This benefit is available to agricultural labourer between age group of 14 to 70 years as well as other rural and urban unorganized labour.
. This benefit is not available to those labourers who are covered under the Employees State Insurance Scheme or Workman Compensation Act.
. Under this scheme, after the accidental death of the labourer, within maximum period of one year, the office of the Government Labour Officer (Rural) in the case of rural labourer and the office of the Government Labour Officer (industry) in the case of urban labourer living in metropolitan cities has to be contacted and application for claim has to be made in prescribed application form with necessary evidence, proof.
. From 1-4-2008 this scheme is implemented by DIRECTORATE OF INSURANCE, GUJARAT STATE, GANDHINAGAR.
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