Financial Assistance Scheme for the welfare and development activities to agriculture labour and rural workers

The purpose of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the government, semi government, voluntary organizations, union and other organizations, Engaged in the organization, development and welfare of rural workers for the social, economical, education, health and cultural development of agriculture labour s and rural workers. Under this scheme Government and semi government organization are provided 100% assistance, 755 assistance to workers unions connected with development of agriculture labours and rural workers, and 505 assistance to other institutes. Balvadi and crèches are run with the co-operation of voluntary organization like SEVA and others.
Progressive figures of Last Five years:
No. Year Beneficiaries Assistance Given (In Rupees)
1 1996-97 1675 237000
2 1997-98 403 97839
3 1998-99 450 260502
4 1999-2000 450 157500
5 2000-2001 450 156175
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