Application Form

Sr.No. Form and Detail Word Docoment PDF
1 FORM 1 [Rule 21 (4).]
Register of Fines
Word(19 KB) PDF(9 KB)
2 FORM 2 [ Rule 21 (4) ]
Register of details for *absents from duty of damage or loss caused to the employer, by neglect or default of the employed persons.
Word(19 KB) PDF(6 KB)
3 FORM 3 [ Rule 21(4) ]
Annual Return
Word(27 KB) PDF(19 KB)
4 FORM 3A[ Rule 22 ]
Abstracts of the minimum wages act, 1948, and the rules made there under
Word(25 KB) PDF(71 KB)
5 FORM 4 [ Rule 25 (2) ]
Overtime register for workers
6 FORM 4A [See rule 26(1)]
Register of Wages
Word(24 KB) PDF(6 KB)
7 FORM 4B [ See rule 26 (2) ]
Wages Slip
Word(11 KB) PDF(7 KB)
8 FORM 5 [Rule 26 (5)]
Muster roll
Word(20 KB) PDF(7 KB)
9 FORM 5A [(Rule 26 B) ]
Word(20 KB) PDF(7 KB)
10 FORM 5B [See rule 26 (6) (a) (ii)]
Wage Book and Wage Slip for Agricultural workers employed on yearly wage basis..
Word(20 KB) PDF(6 KB)
11 FORM 5C [See rule 26 (6) (a) (i) ]
Wage Slip for Agricultural workers employed by daily or non-yearly wage basis.
Word(5 KB) PDF(4 KB)
12 FORM 5D [(Rule 26-B)]
Word(20 KB) PDF(6 KB)
13 FORM 6 [(Rule 27)]
[Form of application by an employee under section 20 (2) in the Court of the Authority appointed under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948.]
PDF(12 KB)
14 FORM 7 [(Rule 27)]
[Form of application by an inspector or person acting with the permission of the authority under section 20 (2).]
Word(21 KB) PDF(10 KB)
15 FORM 8 [(Rule 28)]
(Form of authority in favor of a legal practitioner or any official of a registered union referred to in section)
Word(20 KB) PDF(6 KB)
16 FORM 9 [(Rule 29)]
(Form of summons to the opponent to appear before the authority when an application under subsection (2) of section 20 or under section 21 is entertained)
Word(10 KB) PDF(7 KB)
17 Application form ID card for salt worker - PDF(430 KB)
18 Application form ID card for agriculture worker - PDF(186 KB)
19 Sharmik Shuraksha accident Group Insurance application form - PDF(165 KB)
20 Financial Assistance in Medical treatement for Farm labours and Rural Workers application form - PDF(833 KB)
21 Application form for salt workers for getting bycycles - PDF(582 KB)
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